You Never Listen

My Friend: Do you think I should get a gun?

Me: No, you shouldn’t. You are too emotional to own a gun. I don’t want to see you shoot somebody and become a part of Central Jersey news. “Tragedy in Asian community.” I can almost see the headline.

My Friend: There are a lot of violence against Asians, ever since the pandemic started. We have to defend ourselves. Don’t you watch the news?

Me: Last week I read the news that there’s a 15% increase on women’s suicide in Japan. I’ve given up on news ever since. Too depressing.

My friend: I did some research and I think the handguns from Glock 19 to 43 are all suitable for women.

Me: Look, I really don’t think this is a good idea. You have a complicated relationship with your mother-in-law who’s living with you and your husband and your son right now. Just last month, a pot of soup was poured and several ceramic bowls were smashed. What if during a heated argument…

My friend: You are right. I have to make sure I hide the gun well so that my mother-in-law won’t be able to use it against me if an argument goes out of hand.

Me: You are just as emotional as your mother-in-law. What if you pull the trigger?

My friend: I won’t. I don’t think I want to get myself into trouble for her sake.

Me: What if you get emotional and use the gun on yourself?

My friend: Never. If I commit suicide, I will be presenting my husband to my mother-in-law. That’s like saying to her, “he is all yours.” I won’t give her the satisfaction.

Me: How about buy a bullet proof vest? I think that’s a better idea than buying a gun?

My friend: Don’t you see how ugly those vests are? I thought you like those “Law & Order” shows. Anyway, let’s go to a gun show together. There’s a gun show boom in this area since there are many Asians here who want to buy guns.

Me: Unbelievable. This is exploring our fear to boost their gun business. Can’t believe this.

My friend: You are hopeless. I’m going to talk to people who are more agreeable. Bye.

25 thoughts on “You Never Listen

  1. Oh my! Has it come to that, debating between guns and bullet proof vests? I smell fear and panic. Maybe am late on the realisation… And I find myself lacking an assuring piece of advice to give in this situation if this was a deliberation.

    But is there another alternative to guns and bullet proof vests?

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        1. In the U.S., 40% of the population have guns at home, and 120 firearms for every 100 residents. This is why Asian Americans are fearing for their life as violence against Asians escalate since the pandemic started.

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        2. It is important to understand the existence of life on earth. The day, since we started fighting with each other, we lost a lot of things.
          War gives the final decision but jealousy kill us slowly, day to day, till death.

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