She Will Survive

My friend M called last night from the West Coast that she was being contact traced and had to go for a virus test. It’s all because one business meeting she had, during which they didn’t wear mask and their talk was very long.

M has been very careful indeed, but still things happen. Now she’s nervous of the result which will not come out until tomorrow; she starts to ask “why me, why me”; she reflects on all the past difficulties and asks why she’s chosen by fate in this way and that; she even thinks this makes her lose business, lose confidence, and lose face. There’s no limit to our overthinking.

I really displayed my skills of persuasion yesterday. We can’t afford to go to a psychiatrist and we have to talk each other out of anxiety and depression. I did my best but I don’t think I did a good job. Somehow she’s only half soothed by my encouraging words and anecdotes that are supposed to help inspire her. I am no Oprah Winfrey. I don’t know how Oprah does it, but she can certainly make people think positive thoughts and align with her positive energy. I wanted to emulate but didn’t know how. I did try, hoping I’ve made a difference.

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