Wednesday, Not Tuesday

I even forgot today is Wednesday. Am I losing my mind? The book is falling apart with pages breaking away one by one. A little touch of my finger, a page is off from the binding edge.

Also my failed sweet rice chicken dish is waiting for me (in its most unappetizing way) from the refrigerator. The problem with a failure of a cooking experiment is that you can’t discard the disappointing result. You really have to eat the result, no matter how grudgingly.

I need to call an old friend. If I don’t call her before the lunar new year, she is going to curse me for sure. Sisterhood doesn’t really tolerate carelessness and inattention. Women don’t forget. I am not good at organizing, planning, achieving, scheduling, or being punctual–all those virtues of a modern woman.

And just look, Edison has 22.5 inches of snow, which is half of a meter, while the surrounding townships in the same county only get from ten to eighteen inches. I guess the snow prefers Edison township, just like Thomas Edison.

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