18% Oxygen

How can one know if a room has less than 18% oxygen? LOL. I try to recall the high school chemistry classes, which happened such a long time ago. Is there an easy way to know the percentage of the oxygen in the air? I mean is there something called oxygen-meter that can check the oxygen level in the air?

4 thoughts on “18% Oxygen

  1. Right? How are we supposed to know? Bit of trivia: I was generally a very good student in school. But when I naively stumbled into my first Chemistry class? I hit a brick wall. Apparently I was not meant to be a scientist… 😉

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    1. LOL. Once one is bitten by a literary bug, one’s interest in science is likely to plunge. If you were a nerdy scientist, Bonnywood will not be so lively and quirky. Let me think. A scientist will make Bonnywood more like … I don’t know, probably something science fiction related. Not a fan of science fictions here.

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