When I Look At This

Last night I stared at this picture, but no sleepiness comes. By the way I checked the copyright of this picture, for which the painter Redon died in 1919, more than 100 years ago and I guess we can post the image just as freely as we can with Van Gogh. I’ve never had a colorful dream since the scenes of my dream is never in a poppy field or a garden. It’s usually falling from a tree in a dark forest or looking for a rest room which is nowhere to be found. Anyway, now I am desperate with my insomnia every night, I am willing to do anything. Now I start to understand why people do ridiculous things–all because they are desperate.

This tree is quite beautiful just three days ago, its leaves shining, its color bright. Now it’s all gone. It looks too pitiful to be displayed in a picture. But for trees, there’s always the next year when it will rejuvenate, looking just as pretty as it ever was. Humans are not so lucky. Every year we get older …


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