Computer Puns

I only knew cat lovers love to conjure up puns for their purr-fect pets, but I didn’t know computers have so many pun-able words too. I only just discover this. One can never underestimate one’s ignorance. It’s not that I didn’t know these words; I just never connected them with puns. They are hiding in plain view. A most common computer pun can be like this:

Why does the he have bandage on? Because he just suffered injuries from a “byte”–what a “kilobyte” it is–a “virus”, a “bug”, and a “crash”. The last one was the worst since it caused “memory” loss. He can’t remember any of the person he has “attachment” to, any item from a once familiar “menu”. He could have avoided the “crash”, but he lost “control”.

I know I am not good at this. For an immigrant and a non-native speaker, puns and crossword puzzles are not made for us. However I do know that one person, who’s a Tamil and who graduated from Indian Institute Of Technology, can do crossword puzzles and enjoy doing it. Whenever he has some spare time in office, he would do a puzzle or two. Well, I don’t know if Tamil language has any relationship with Indo-Europian language like Sanskrit. Anyway, it is still possible for non-native speakers to do it.

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