Reread “Pride and Prejudice”

I liked this book when I was young, but then as years pass by, I can’t help noticing the laughable implausibility of the main characters, the summary and unsympathetic rejection of Charlotte’s views on marriage which were held by many women due to necessity rather than preference. Thank goodness the society has progressed and “well-educated young women of small fortune” don’t have to make those unfortunate choices anymore. However the biggest frustration of all is that any minute aberrations from the correct manner are censured by the sharp eyed author. Teenage girls’ giggle, Mary’s nerdy remarks, Mrs. Bennet’s lack of acceptable manner, Mr. Bennet’s inability to manage his affairs…
Rereading this book, I was attracted again by the beauty of the narrations and the witty twist embedded not only in the sentences but also in the transitional paragraphs. The characters of people are crystallized to perfection. I only regret that Mr. Collins and Mr. Bennet are described much better and in a much more interesting way than what is offered to Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy. I have to say Mr. Bingley even complained that his character is not getting enough attention from the author by saying “I wish I might take this for a compliment; but to be so easily seen through I am afraid is pitiful.” And Mr. Darcy can be described in a more in-depth way since he’s rather complex and can be explored much more. Well, by and by this is a woman’s book written for women and in most of these books, men are justifiably relegated to the background.
I love everything about the book except the plot, especially in the age of inequality as of now

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