Vice Island

I bought the book “Island of Vice” from a local grocery store, but haven’t got the time to read it. Eventually I had to buy an audio book version so that I can listen to it when driving or exercising. I really like the book even if it doesn’t get into the characteristics or personal life (only a little bit) or psyche of Theodore Roosevelt. The details of the New York City life, mostly residents of Manhattan, are faithfully described, almost without embellishment. For example, doctors routinely performing virginity tests on women, doctors giving out affidavits for women’s moral character. I could just laugh. For example, small salon owners converting their joints to ten-bed hotels just so that they could utilize the loophole of the law to sell beer. I wish the book has more details of the gritty life of New York residents since this part of the book is so well written. On the other hand, the fight between Roosevelt and Parker inside the police department seems not so interesting to me.

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