Quote Of The Day: Moon Is Not Cost Efficient

Quote Of The Day #67

it was a waste to have a moon here,
a moon is not cost efficient

Inalienable nomads, global citizens
unfettered limbs
we are heartsick for the true world

I can buy books which I do not read
and cannot afford and make plans for them to
carry me through my depression, winter solstice
I attempt various …positions until
sadistic February brings me to my knees…
then I re-examine my life…
conclude that I’m worthless
and spend March and April in a wretched heap
beside the radiator.

The illuminated manuscripts are just the gaudy sacredness of violence

What is it to talk as if the world you know is the world
I admire that focus on these grubby economies,
these narrow precipitous doorways
selling everything like hardware

I really laughed aloud at the line “a moon is not cost efficient.” It is so funny and so sad and so absurd when we apply the commercial considerations on the natural world. It is a great book of an author I didn’t know before. I feel like she is a female version of Charles Bukowski, whom I have been searching all along and haven’t found until now. Even though I disagree with her political view, I love her books. And guess what? Her books seem to be never on sale and even the second hand versions are full priced. For a person like me who never buys anything without a discount, it is a challenge. Still I bought her book. My first full priced book within two years.

I don’t agree with her politics because she is a little idealistic while I am a little more skeptical and cynical. She believes that there could be an ideal system, but I don’t. Every institution is flawed and some are tyrannical and some are like my narcissistic family, which is controlled by one or two narcissists, and run by their flying monkeys. The problem is that most normal people have to acquiesce with such an institution because without it, people are afraid there will be anarchy and chaos.

For example, the Asian immigrant community is really stubborn and inflexible and unenlightened, but it is the only thing we have, the only game in town. We have to support it no matter what. The alternative seems unthinkable and unimaginable, which only shows how unthinking and unimaginative we are.

8 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day: Moon Is Not Cost Efficient

        1. Whenever Dionne Brand is good, she is brilliant. Then between her brilliant lines, there are many descriptions that I can’t follow. I guess it is because her experience in Caribbean was so different from mine. LOL. And she really pointed out my ineptness and my weakness–I didn’t focus on my own life, but instead put attention on what other people expect of me. I have tried to shed this bad habit of mine, but still not enough…

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