I Think I Got Omicron

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It all started last Sunday afternoon with a little bit of pain at the back of my throat. I immediately suspected that I might have either a cold or the Omicron. Regrets immediately poured into my mind: I should have gone to our local Walmart to get the Omicron booster and the flu shot, but I had not done that. I was a little lazy, a little too busy with other things, a little too numbed by the news of viruses. They were all excuses. When the throat started to feel pain, it was too late.

Two weeks before Thanksgiving, I had a little throat pain, but it went away by itself. I should have taken that as a warning sign and went to get my vaccine shot right away. But of course I didn’t.

When Monday and Tuesday came, I had a very bad sore throat. I googled and it seemed to me what I had was a little bit more like Omicron, although common cold was still possible. I stayed at home to isolate myself from others. And this was the moment I realized that I ran out of Tylenol Cold And Flu pills a while ago and didn’t get it refilled.

My throat was killing me on Tuesday night. And there seemed to be one particular spot that was red hot painful whenever I sipped a little bit of water. This convinced me that it was Omicron, not a common cold, which can never be this severe. A friend phoned me and asked me to go get tested, but I was unwilling to go–what’s the point? I might get other people infected during the process. It’s better that I stay home and isolate myself.

Wednesday came and the sore throat was completely gone. Instead I had stuffed nose and occasional sneezing.

“Omicron doesn’t cause sneezing…” My friend says.

“Is it possible I am infected by both Omicron and cold?” I asked, but there’s no answer. Google said it is not likely that one can get infected by both. Really? It is possible, isn’t it? Does Omicron deliberate avoid the person who has a cold, or vice versus? Why can’t they coexist in one body? I mean there’s enough room for millions or billions of virus in my respiratory tract.

Wednesday night came and I sweated profusely throughout the night. I didn’t know what was happening, and Google said sweating and clammy skin was a sign of Omicron. I’ve never sweated like this before.

And today, the Thursday, it is all gone, with a little bit of lingering running nose.

“I should have got the shots.” I texted a friend.

“But now you don’t need the vaccine anymore. You already have immunity in your body.” She texted back.

26 thoughts on “I Think I Got Omicron

      1. Maybe there is a place in your home that offers free testing? I had to pay for all my testing, which is why I use this online one which is cheap and quite rapid. Still you do need to get a testing kit (which is I think is free in some stores).

        Glad you recovered, though.

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  1. I had one of the worst colds of my life recently and am still suffering after three weeks. Something is definitely going around. I really hope you don’t have omicron and hope you get better soon.

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    1. I am glad you are back to your normal self now. Being sick is bad… but I guess we can’t avoid it sometimes. I should go to get the vaccine when I could, but… Anyway, I’ve been mostly ok now but still with lingering cough.

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      1. Yes, it’s impossible to avoid illnesses. Always get vaccinated when you can, that’s the lesson I’ve learnt too lol. Usually I’m not lazy about getting vaccines but it happens sometimes.

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  2. I had something like that earlier this year with fever and night sweats but I twice tested negative for Covid using a LFT. It seemed worse than a cold. I guess it could have been flu, which is also much worse than a cold.

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  3. Glad you’re feeling better again and you only had mild symptoms. It was the same with me. Bit raised temperature for a couple of days, sore throat which became better as soon as I got some lozenges, then some coughing and runny nose and after a few days it was over. How lucky we have been compared to others. Some colleagues of mine were “out of order” for two weeks or more … take care!!!

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    1. You are right. I still have uncomfortable throat and runny nose right now and cough. LOL. I guess staying home to avoid getting others infected is my best strategy. We are lucky, compared with others with more severe symptoms. And it happened before all the holiday stuff coming in, which is a good sign. I mean it would not be fun to be confined at home for Christmas and not being able to go to some boring gatherings. That’s the thing. Gatherings are boring and still necessary. LOL.

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    1. Haha, so true. Google are our best friend who often gives wrong answers. Just several days ago, I googled something about New York City and it came out a wrong answer. And it was quite embarrassing as I got corrected right away. LOL.


  4. What a tale, especially as today’s era makes it very easy to quickly relate to. I had Covid in early November and it was pretty rough the first three days. Then I rapidly got better and just had to isolate through day ten. What times we live in! ❤

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    1. Wow, me too. The first three days are really rough. Then it got better very fast, much faster than a regular cold or a flu. But the first three days were awful with my throat almost killing me with excruciating pain when swallowing. Thank you for sharing and I feel so much better… Yes, what a strange time we are living in right now.

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