New Word: Run

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New Word #114

Runaway: Runaway means a person who runs away, an animal out of control, or an event happening too quickly. For example, runaway inflation, runaway bull, or a runaway success

Runner: Runner has many meanings. The two meanings I have encountered is: a person who runs, or a long, narrow rug or strip of carpet in an entrance way where people often tread on. Wait, there’s another one that I know– that’s the phrase “runner up”, meaning a competitor or team taking second place in a contest. The person in the third place is called the second runner up.

Running gag, or running joke: It is a literary device that takes the form of an amusing joke or a comical reference and appears repeatedly throughout a work of literature or other form of storytelling.

bank run: A bank run happens when people lose confidence in the bank and stand in line to withdraw their money in case the bank run out of money.

dry run: a rehearsal before the real performance.

also run: a contestant who does not win.

outrun and overrun: These two words mean two different things. The first one means to go faster or beyond, and the second one means to exceed expected time, cost etc.

rerun: show or perform again

run something to the ground: Pursue a topic or work something until it has been thoroughly exhausted.

run-of-the-mill: lacking unusual or special aspects; ordinary.

salmon run: a migration of salmon up a river from the sea, in order to spawn.

run amok: behave uncontrollably

race to the bottom: It is a social economic phrase about business moving to the place with the lowest cost and with the lowest regulatory standards.

run up a tab: To accumulate a big spending that will have to be paid later.

17 thoughts on “New Word: Run

  1. “Runway” is another interesting one. In the UK, clothes models parade on a “catwalk” rather than a “runway” as in the US. However I imagine the aviation use of the word is the same in both countries.

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        1. There were once or twice I got really competitive in playing mahjong and poker, but I felt very bad afterwards. Since then, I’ve always tried to keep the game among friends as something for fun only. I know I am a person who can get obsessed easily and I have to be very vigilant that I don’t get into something.

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