New Word: Foyer

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New Word #109

A while ago, one of Wordle games is “foyer” and for some reason I didn’t get it. I had only several alphabets left, but I didn’t consider the possibility of “f” going with “y” even though I know what the word foyer means when I see it. It’s all Wordle’s fault–it is getting more difficult than before. I could have gone online to find the answer in a scramble or unscramble website, but I was too lazy to do it.

Here I compiled some words about the front of a building or a house. Basically all the words related to foyer.

foyer and lobby

  • foyer: In British English, it means the entrance area of a theatre or a hotel, but in North America, it most likely means the entrance area of a house or an apartment where people put a little side table with several picture frames or a little decorations.
  • lobby: The entrance area to a big building. This word has evolved to mean influence others. A lobbyist means a professional who is employed by a company to sit in the lobby and try to influence politicians who work in the building.

porch and portico and veranda

  • porch and veranda both means the same thing–an open aired, roofed structure immediately outside of the house.
  • portico: A portico is a bigger porch with colonnades and decorations. It will lead to the entrance of a big house or building.

vestibule: This is a kind of foyer, but people don’t use this word very often.

screened porch or sunroom: a porch that has walls made of screens.

waiting room, antechamber, anteroom: a small room leading to a main one.

facade and frontage: the face of a building

entryway, hallway, passageway, walkway, doorway, corridor, aisle: a long, narrow way, typically having walls either side, that allows access between buildings or to different rooms within a building.

concourse: a large area inside or in front of a public building, as in an airport or train station

atrium: an open-roofed entrance hall or central court in an ancient Roman house.

24 thoughts on “New Word: Foyer

    1. So true. In different regions, people talk about them in different terms. For example, I heard “porch” very often here, but I guess other words are used for the same purpose in other areas of the world.


  1. Great post once again! I veey much enjoyed it and I had to smile because I regularly use the word “Foyer”, which also exists as a foreign word in German and has some kind of old-fashioned touch. One would rather use “anteroom (Vorraum)” instead of foyer. But I like the word and in some regards I am old-fashioned. Like using “fauteuil” or “chaiselongue” or “chauffeur” etc. Besides … I do love the French language, its elegance, the melodic sound … even though my French is very very basic.

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    1. Thank you for sharing so many interesting words. Is foyer French? I once thought of picking up a bit of French, but then I heard that French is very difficult to pronounce right. That really stopped me from trying since I have struggled with my English pronunciation for so long and still can’t tell one vowel from another. LOL.

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      1. Yes, it’s French. I guess it’s not the easiest language when it comes to pronunciation because some letters are silent, others are not pronounced as they are written, etc.


  2. The foyer/lobby US/UK thing is interesting. In the UK the word “lobby” is often used to mean a small area in a house that isn’t exactly a room or a corridor. It has the same political meaning in the UK as the US however. The word “foyer” is used as you say in the UK.

    Today’s Wordle is a word I’ve never heard used in the UK!

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    1. You are right. I’ve never really heard anybody using today’s wordle word here, but I guess it is the influence of Spanish on English here, which is quite a lot. I heard Spanish so often that I’ve started to learn Spanish, but still after a year of learning, I can’t understand a word when two cashier at HMart talking with each other. I don’t understand a word of it. Hahaha.
      Yes, I was quite confused with foyer, lobby, anteroom etc. at first, but the confusion seemed to fade when one becomes fluent and has more natural feel about the language.

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    1. Thanks. I try to compile all the words related with foyer, but then I realized that are more words referring to different kind of spaces in a house. I am thinking of doing another one to include all the other words as well. LOL. Thank you for the encouragement.

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