New Word #94: H And K

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Hike, Hiker, Hiking

  • hike: It means a walk outside of the areas inhabited by humans. It can be a mountain, or a wild park. Usually in these places, there are hiking trails to accommodate hikers. Actually I went hiking several times, but I really didn’t like it–too much physical exertion.
  • price hike: It means a sharp increase in price, like an inflation or a supply shortage. This word is often used nowadays since the inflation on everyday item is higher than ever.
  • take a hike: It means go away, or get lost. I’ve never heard anybody use it in real life, but I heard it in movies a couple of times.

Hunk, Hunker

  • hunk: a large piece of something.
  • hunker: It means lower your body
  • hunker down: We’ve heard this phrase a lot during the pandemic lockdown. It means settle down in one place.

Hank, Hanky, Handkerchief

  • hanker: It means really want to do something. However I’ve never heard or read of it in real life.
  • hanky: handkerchief

Honk, Honker, Honking

  • honk: It is used to represent the sound of a wild goose or the sound of a car horn.
  • honker: a wild goose or something who press the car horn.

Huck, Huckster

  • huck: throw
  • huckster: somebody who sells something or promotes something

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