New Word #93: Ten

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Tenure and Tenuous

Despite their similarities, the two words have nothing to do with each other.

  • tenure: It can be a noun or verb, meaning occupying a place or holding an office. “During his tenure in the office, he did ….” However this word is most often used in an academic institution when a professor gets a permanent position. I was told that in major universities in the U.S., a denied tenure often results in a lawsuit.
  • tenuous: very weak. “the tenuous hold”

Tendentious and Contentious

  • tendentious: This word seems to be the adjective form for the word tendency, meaning expressing a view that has certain tendencies, most likely controversial tendencies.
  • contentious: provoking argument or controversy. This word has no relationship with the word “content”.

Tantamount and Paramount

  • tantamount: as good as, as much as, as important as
  • paramount: more important than

Tempestuous and Contemptuous

  • tempestuous: It is the adjective form of the word “tempest”, which means storm. So tempestuous means stormy.
  • contemptuous: It is the adjective form of the word “contempt”, which means look down upon.

Tenacious, Audacious, Mendacious

  • tenacious: persistent, persevering, not easily stopped.
  • audacious: bold and reckless
  • mendacious: insincere and lying

Tenable, Untenable, Obtainable, Unobtainable, Attainable, Unattainable

  • Tenable means able to be sustained and maintained. However “not tenable” and “untenable” are used more often than “tenable” to indicate something that can not be maintained or defended.
  • Obtain and attain are similar, but obtain is more about procure something while attain is more about achieve a certain goal. At least that’s my understanding.

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