Poem Of The Day #35

Image by Idearriba from Pixabay

A five o'clock sunset in a cold day
with moonless sky, icy path, 
and blurred street lights as if to say, 
"Get used to it--winter is here to stay."

The night will be dark and chill,
despite your dream of spring and daffodil.
No fear, no despair--
just numb yourself with food, drink, and Advil. 

Zoom with friends and foes alike;
holiday dinners in spite of Omicron.
All the fuss, all the hypes, all the jingles and jangles.
Binge a show or join a maddening shopping crowd. 

I feel pangs of heartache--the perpetual nostalgia; 
I think about you--my unfinished love;
In all the half read books, abandoned drafts, awkward one line or two,
I see the image of you. 

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