New Word #44 : Rice Dishes

Image by Andrey Muzychuk from Pixaba

This is only a list of rice dishes I’ve encountered in New Jersey so far. I feel rather embarrassed when I can’t pronounce a dish’s name when ordering it. Living in a multicultural environment but not being able to at least learn an entree’s name that I want to order is quite a shame.

So here I list them out. However this list doesn’t have those rice dishes that I’m quite familiar with, doesn’t have rice dessert, rice pancake, rice cake etc. For example, sushi and clay pot rice and fried rice are not here since I am quite familiar with them.

Please tell me your favorite rice dish and let’s expand this list together.

risotto /rəˈzôdō,rəˈsôdō/

an Italian dish of rice cooked in stock with other ingredients such as meat and vegetables.

biryani /ˌbirēˈänē/

an Indian dish made with highly seasoned rice and meat, fish, or vegetables.

paella /päˈāyə/

a Spanish dish of rice, saffron, chicken, seafood, etc., cooked and served in a large shallow pan.

jambalaya /ˌjambəˈlīə/

a Cajun dish of rice with shrimp, chicken, and vegetables.

onigiri /ˌōnēˈgirē/

a Japanese dish consisting of small balls or triangles of rice stuffed with a pickled or salted filling, and typically wrapped in dried seaweed. There’s a Mitsuwa Marketplace in North Jersey that sells wonderful onigiri and one can’t have enough of it.

jollof rice /ˈjäləf ˌrīs/

a West African stew made with rice, chili peppers, and meat or fish.

bibimbap /ˈbēbimˌbap/

a Korean dish consisting of rice topped with sautéed vegetables, chili paste, and beef or other meat, sometimes with the addition of a raw or fried egg.


Congee or conjee is a type of rice porridge or gruel eaten in Asian countries.

curd rice

This vegetarian meal consists of rice and yogurt that is flavored with green chile peppers, minced ginger, curry leaves and mustard seeds

pad thai

Pad thai, or phad thai, is a stir-fried rice noodle dish typically made with rice noodles, chicken, beef or tofu, peanuts, a scrambled egg, and bean sprouts, among other vegetables.


a type of Vietnamese soup, typically made from beef stock and spices to which noodles and thinly sliced beef or chicken are added.


a Middle Eastern or Indian dish of rice (or sometimes wheat) cooked in stock with spices, typically having added meat or vegetables.

53 thoughts on “New Word #44 : Rice Dishes

  1. Wow 😍yummy , you know Indian dishes Names haoyando 😋 atleast you know all kind of dishes than pronounce you better than other states, I’m glad you consider Indian foods as a Newjersy lady Lol

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    1. Wow, thank you for the praise. Yes, New Jersey, especially Edison, is an Indian hub. There are Indian newspapers and Indian radio stations and restaurants, huge grocery stores, annual Indian festival with Bollywood stars. You are reminding me of starting to learn Sanskrit, but I tend to be lazy. I have to learn Sanskrit since I want to visit Buddha’s sacred place one day.

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      1. Hence Newjersey is like mini India 😍😍🙏 good to know that you wanna learn sanskrit 👍 but I don’t know sanskrit much , it needs to write exams in high school intermediate only , Lot of people know English and their mother language 🌹

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        1. Wow, you are already intermediate sanskrit. I am just starting to learn the alphabet. Let me catch up. You are such an inspiration. I discover several similarity between Sanskrit and Thai already just from their alphabet. LOL. I am trying to learn both since half of Thai words come from Sanskrit. LOL. But I only spend like 15 min a day. So my progress is very slow.

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        2. LOL. I only do like 15 minutes a day and my learning is very slow. However it really interests me to see how Thai is so influenced by Sanskrit even in alphabet. LOL. Just for fun and I want this learning to be fun.

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  2. I absolutely love rice. I’ve had all these dishes and enjoyed them quite a bit except pho. I haven’t been able to find a vegan version or recreate it so far but I did find a Vietnamese restaurant somewhat near me that offers it so when I have the time I want to take the train and go there. It’s been on my list for such a long time I’m very excited. My favourite on the list is bibimbap which I make quite often because it’s easy, filling and delicious. One rice dish that I love, that you didn’t mention is pilau- it’s like the E. African version of pilaf. I used to eat it a lot when I was living back home in Kenya. It’s generally made with chicken or beef but my mum used to make it with potato for me since I don’t eat meat.

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    1. Wow, pho is so delicious. I absolutely agree with you that it is very distinct in its flavor. Yes, bibimbap is wonderful too. I would like to know more about pilau. I wonder how similar the two dishes are since Kenya is close to Middle East. Wow, potato is wonderful. I have tried to restrict my starch intake and haven’t eaten potato for ages. However now you mention it, my mouth is watering.

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        1. Same I love cauliflower. Plantains and cassava are very delicious. Cassava is what tapioca starch is made of and I love anything made of that lol. Once you start using cassava you’ll never need potatoes again. Back home I used to eat it them almost daily.

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        2. Try it- it’s delicious. You can boil it and bake it with some salt, pepper and lemon on it. That’s usually how I eat it. They have it at Walmart if I’m not wrong. You can make fries from it too but that’s less healthy lol.

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  3. Just reading this makes my mouth water 🤤 No kidding! I really need to get a life and stop visualising them before me lol. If you ever come to India, I’ll sponsor you the yummiest Biryani you’ll ever eat 😉🤍

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I wish that too 🥺 I’ve always had huge amount of respect and admiration for the Buddhist way of living. I have visited many monasteries here in India and in Vietnam during my trip there, but Bodh Gaya is a dream! Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment there and I want to go there WITHOUT a million tourists around. 😅☺️

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        1. Really? There are a million tourists there? Now you mentioned it, It must be since it is such a holy place. Sigh. We all have our beautiful dreams and wish we can fulfill them in our lifetime.

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  4. I love rice. Yum!
    Have heard of quite a few of these dishes. And have had some too. But I’m a vegetarian, so choice is limited.
    And there’s a traditional Indian dessert called ‘kheer’. A sweet rice pudding cooked in milk.
    It’s delicious. If you get a chance, then you must try it. Great sharing as always. 🙂

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    1. Yes, that’s true. Many of these dishes have meat in them. I actually heard of kheer before–I think in one of the food video blogging on youtube. Rice and milk is the best combination. Thank you.

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  5. I’d say you could probably get everything you mentioned including the stuff you couldn’t find in Allentown and it’s neighbor cities of Bethlehem and Easton. I believe I have tried all of these in area restaurants. I’d like to try an Italian Rice Ball which is just that stuffed with meat or cheese, breaded and deep fried. Although the deep fried is not something I normally do.

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    1. Wow, I’ve visited Bethlehem in Lehigh Valley twice and I just love the ancient buildings so much. However I didn’t have the chance to taste the restaurants there so much. I have a friend who would go visit there every year. Wow, the Italian rice ball sounds a great idea. Just by your description, I feel that it’s ultra tasty.

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        1. Nice to have friends who share the same interests. LOL. Still, Edison invented his light bulb in Edison. If he’s a ghost, he would haunt Edison more than West Orange I think.

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    1. Isn’t it? I just love it. I’ve always wanted to visit Louisiana, the Cajun country, but I never really budge. LOL I am a lazy bum. It has so much nice food with musical names. i don’t know. It could have French origin. LOL.

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    1. Wow, they taste so wonderful. I especially love curd rice with yogurt and cucumber. I tried to cook it myself but I can’t do the flavor as well as the restaurant. LOL. Oh, I can imagine the wonderful rice you cooked.


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