12 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #14

  1. I enjoyed all the quotes but the last one really stood out to me. I think sometimes we are a slave to certain things and we don’t even realise it. But at the same time is total freedom like the one he is talking about even possible considering we all rely on something or the other.

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    1. Yes, I think “free” is a word that is causing me a mini crisis for several years. I really want to know about it. As I had a very bad growing up experience in a “family is everything” kind of culture, I have always known that I can’t use the family oriented approach to life since my own family is so uniquely bad. However my exploration elsewhere doesn’t make me feel the kind of thing I imagined. I am still seeking and it will probably be something I will do forever.

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      1. I understand your struggle. I grew up with a similar experience. It was not horrible or anything but the “family is everything” culture was definitely there and it sometimes made me feel really suffocated I guess. Being free is hard to do when you haven’t been free your whole like and learning to be free can be a frustrating experience.

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    1. Sartre is really messing up my brain. Without obstacles, freedom is meaningless–I am still digesting. Probably after a while, when i come back to it, I will feel more attuned to the idea.


        1. LOL. I love Sartre and Simone. They are such an unconventional couple, but not everybody is nice about that. I am reading a book that is describing Simone in a thinly veiled vicious way and I really dislike that. I have to stop the book since I feel very hurt by the book’s description and of course the description is very untrue and terribly prejudiced.

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