Good Or Bad Suggestions (Flash Fiction #27)

Image by marcelkessler from Pixabay

It’s an weekend afternoon at Pammy’s place.

“What am I going to do?” Lil asks, staring at her friend Pammy and then Armei.

“Just confront him. Just be straightforward and open about it. Of course you want to have solid evidence first.” Pammy says.

“OK, let’s go then.” Lil says.

“Go where?” Pammy is puzzled.

“Let’s go to the place where we can collect evidence. I’ll drive. I know where he is. He said he’s going to do some extra work with his colleagues, but I think he’s not. I think he’s driving himself to her house. Her name is Yashin. Her husband works in California. You know it is very hard for two academics to both find positions in one university. For Asians, it is extraordinarily hard. So she finds a position in Rutgers University in New Jersey in the East Coast, while her husband finds a position in California. Let’s go to her house to confront my husband. I bet he is there. Let me go to the restroom first.” Lil says and gets up to go to the restroom.

Armei and Pammy stare at each other.

“Pammy, why do you suggest that she confronts her husband? Now we have to go with her to bear unwilling witness to a very ugly fight. Why can’t you say ‘turn a blind eye to whatever your husband is doing and pretend to be happy?'” Armei says.

“Armei, what are you talking about? Turning a blind eye? I can’t believe you say this kind of thing. I want to live a life of real existence of feelings and conflicts…” Pammy says.

“Regardless of consequences?” Armei asks rhetorically.

“Are you afraid?” Pammy asks.

“OK. This is really reckless and nothing good will come out of this. I warn you, if Lil ever talks about divorce, don’t encourage her.” Armei says.

“Why not? I am intending to.” Pammy says.

“If they separate, Lil will move in with you. Or alternatively her husband will move in with you and your husband and sleep on your couch. Pammy, I know you don’t want that.” Armei says.

The three women drove to Yashin’s place and Lil confronts her husband. They quarrel in the front yard first and then all of them go in and sit down to talk.

Three months later, another weekend afternoon, Lil’s husband Lam comes knocking on the door of Pammy’s place, where Pammy is having a chat with her friend Armei.

“What am I going to do?” Lam asks.

“Just confront her. Just be straightforward and open about it. Of course you want to have solid evidence first.” Pammy answers.

“Let’s go then.” Lam says.

Lil has separated from her husband Lam. She took the kid and moved in with Yashin, who enjoys Lil’s cooking and their good chat.

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