Summer Activities (Flash Fiction #25)

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

Father: Son, what are you doing? Are you writing poems again? You know I want you to get involved in some useful activities, like math camps, music, painting etc.

Son: Dad, I don’t like those things.

Father: We are not talking about your preferences. We are talking about usefulness to college application. You are 15 years old now and you know the acceptance rate for college this year? 3% for Harvard and all the top colleges. There’s no figure for Asian acceptance rate, but I bet it is 0.3%. It looks like it’s going to drop to zero soon.

Son: Wonderful.

Father: Wonderful? What do you mean?

Son: We don’t need to fuss over something with zero percent…

Father: Listen, Son, we strive, we persist, we dream despite the difficulties, OK? That’s who we are. And that’s what your mother wants me to talk with you about.

Son: Why didn’t Mom tell me herself?

Father: She wants to be a sweet mom and she wants me to deliver the unpleasant reality.

Son: You said you were traumatized because your parents pushed you very hard to pursue business, but you didn’t want to. You wanted to be a mathematician.

Father: Did I say that? Oh, I remember. Last week I said it, didn’t I? I was arguing with your mom. I said I was traumatized by your grandparents to your mom because I was trying to gain your mom’s sympathy. One needs to gain an edge in an argument. Son, sometimes you need such skills. Also I wanted to show her how well I turn out despite all the trauma. That’s a great way to boost one’s image. You know what I mean?

Son: I don’t know what you mean. Were you traumatized or not?

Father: Oh, Son, life is not black and white. I need a drink. Here your mom comes.

Mother: How are you two doing? Want to try some bubble tea I just made?

17 thoughts on “Summer Activities (Flash Fiction #25)

  1. Unfortunately, a lot of immigrant parents tend to really push their kids towards education because they want them to do well in life but a lot of times their kids end up with lives they don’t want.

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      1. Whether I was right or wrong in doing so I never tried to make my children go into fields they didn’t want to. I would rather have them be people of integrity and do whatever job they have with all their might. I’m proud of my kids and probably biased.

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