The Learning Environment (Flash Fiction #19)

“You have been watching soccer for two hours.” Pammy says to her husband Pan, “and look even Armee is addicted to TV now.”

Armee is the couple’s tabby cat, who’s sitting on the sofa right next to Pan, assuming a similar posture as Pan, except that the little feline occasionally licks himself.

“It’s my favorite team. It will be over soon,” Pan says while his eyes glued to the television. “Unless there’s an overtime.”

“You know what I am thinking? The reason you are addicted to soccer is because you get bored. We need to create an interactive learning environment at home. Everybody has to have a learning goal.” Pammy says.

“Pammy, please. I am tired after a day’s work. Soccer is my only solace. Give me a break, will you?”

“Soccer is just your habit. I figured you can probably change your habit. We need improvement and progress and growth, don’t you think? Here are our learning schedules. I took the liberty to print them out. And here is something for you to start tonight.” Pammy thrust several pages in front of Pan.

Pan took them in his hand. While his eyes are still on the TV screen, he glanced at the pages.

“What is this? ‘Thirty Beautiful Tricks To Teach A Cat’? Are you serious? So your ‘everybody’ includes Armee?” Pan stares at his wife as if she’s mad.

11 thoughts on “The Learning Environment (Flash Fiction #19)

    1. Yes, that’s a man’s eternal complaint about a woman–don’t bother me while I am doing something I enjoy alone for hours with zero interaction with people around me.

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    1. Wow, I know at least three couples who had to have at least two TVs at home due to the conflicts between sports and Kdrama. LOL. That’s a great point. There should be a fight between the two favorite pass time. šŸ˜œšŸ˜ŠšŸ‘šŸ’–

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  1. This reminds me of a romantic trope in when a couple argues they assume the other person has it easier than the other. The husband thinks the housewife has it easy because she doesn’t have to go to work, while the housewife thinks the husband has it easy because he doesn’t clean house.

    This is an outdated version of the trope (as most couples work nowadays) but it does seem to come up every once in a while. Empathy is needed in times like this.

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    1. Yes, the lovers’ spats are very interesting. Or when the two fall out of love, the spats can be interesting too, though in a different flavor. Wish all lovers love and forgive.

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