The Rice Spaghetti (Flash Fiction #5)

“Look, rice spaghetti. I wonder if it tastes like rice noodle. Let’s try it.” Pammy says to her husband Pan at the ShopRite grocery store.

“Well, do we have to have food experiment? I mean can’t we stick with the food we are familiar with?” Pan grumbles.

“We need to diversify our dinner menu. Learn new things and keep improving. That’s my new motto.” Pammy says.

“Where did you get all these half baked new ideas? Look, Pammy, I will not object to your food experiments if I don’t have to eat all the disastrous results you’ve had so far. Remember the rice sandwich, the black bean noodle? They were food nightmares and I had to swallow them.”

“Sweetheart. It’s not easy to be a food adventurer. I know. One needs to go through a lot of failures before one sees a little bit of success.”

As the shopping cart is passing through the checkout, the little packet of rice spaghetti drops through the opening of the cart onto the floor. Pammy doesn’t see it, but Pan sees it. He wonders if he should pick it up for a second. Then he decides not to do it. He feels a little guilty, but a smile crawls slowly onto his face.

He knows that Pammy may discover this after they get home and ask him to come back to the store. He knows.

20 thoughts on “The Rice Spaghetti (Flash Fiction #5)

        1. LOL. That’s great since black bean noodles are ultra healthy. I know it, but I don’t like the texture–probably because I am not used to it. LOL.


    1. LOL. It is a balancing act when relationship is involved. A lot of trivial details assumes unimaginable significance in a relationship. LOL. Rice spaghetti is a great concept, but it is more like spaghetti than rice noodle.

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      1. I can’t see the difference outside of the actual ingredient. You take the grains, make it into flour, make into dough, and then roll it until they are thin. That’s it, right? I’m sure there are many other grains that can be turned into noodles as well.

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  1. Oh, you know he’s going back and if he confessed that he saw it happen, every time he eats it he will eat rice spaghetti for the rest of his life with a (forced) smile on his face.

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