He Is Home (Flash Fiction #3)

I just know it. He said he’s going to come back by this hour, but look, where is he? It’s because of his friendship with Doo, who’s a liar through and through, and who’s going to influence my little honest gullible Dragon. What a nice little nickname–Dragon–I got for him? I love dragons. Men learn from each other. And such a horrible man like Doo will turn every man around him into a scoundrel just like himself. But Doo has charm and he knows how to flatter.

I am going to be firm. “Stop associate yourself with Doo.” First I won’t yell, but I will be severe. If he doesn’t listen, I will drag his dragon ear and shout with deafening sound. If he still doesn’t listen, I will threaten him with no cooking. He loves home cooked rice cakes and stir fried pineapple beef. I can’t believe he can live his life without them.

Now I am battle ready and I will win.

The key jingles and the door knob turns. He’s here.

“Oh, sweetheart. How are you? You look tired. You work too hard.”

“Sorry, I’m late.”

“No need to be sorry.”

“Doo keeps talking with me and I feel it’s rude to leave him. By the way, I said you cook wonderful pineapple beef and he really admires it.”

“Why don’t you invite him over?”

“I know you would say that. You are the best girl in the world. I will do that next time.”

12 thoughts on “He Is Home (Flash Fiction #3)

    1. I was trying to say that whatever determined plan a girl has in advance will change when a boy really arrives. However I didn’t express it so well to make the contrast more standing out. It’s an experiment. LOL. The boy is suggesting a dinner with Doo, and the girl, as popular as she is, has to agree with it just to humor the boy. Otherwise it will put a damp on the immediate atmosphere. So she has to agree despite the fact that she hates Doo and see through his antics. She will have to wait for better moments to work on this Doo problem.

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      1. You are definitely right- I think a lot of times we back down because we are unable to express our real thoughts as we are scared it will cause a scene or issue we would rather avoid. Timing is important for sure.

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        1. Yes, women always weigh different choices when relationships are concerned. The way I was brought up, a girl has to express her opinion in a very detoured way. It’s almost like she’s expressing without making people feel she’s expressing. It’s just so crazy. For example, if she wants certain things, she has to say somebody else wants it and she is doing it to serve somebody else. Of course during the process, she also enjoy this thing, whatever it is.

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