Sleepless Vs. Clueless

Sleepless: I just don’t feel drowsy at all and lie awake all night for days.

Clueless: Maybe it’s the tea you drank, or you staring at the computer screen for too long, or your anxiety. Wait, just blame the pandemic.

Sleepless: I stopped tea or coffee last month. Zero caffeine now. The worst thing is when I lie there, I think about all those weird embarrassing things. No good thoughts ever come to me.

Clueless: “You can use the extra hours to think about your unfinished work. I wish I can have more hours each day, but I don’t.”

Sleepless: “You are an expert procrastinator and you tend to stay awake whole night before the deadline. But insomnia is a completely different beast from your all nighters. I can’t sleep, can’t work, can’t think normally. I am eaten up by my own anxiety.”

Clueless: “How about watch a TV series to take your mind off your anxiety?”

Sleepless: “I am not in the mood for TV series. I just want to sleep.”

Clueless: “I have a good idea. How about talk to your friends overseas. You used to complain about the time difference. Now insomnia solve that problem.”

Sleepless: “You don’t understand. I don’t feel like chatting. I am sick.”

Clueless: “You don’t look sick. You are very normal. Just as healthy as I am.”

Sleepless: “Look can be deceiving. I am sick inside. Something is wrong with my brain. Now insomnia is making me hate myself so much.”

Clueless: “You are just a little neurotic. Look, let me cheer you up a little. Look, I found some insomnia jokes on my cell. Isn’t this one funny?”

Clueless: “Isn’t this funny, ‘plot your revenge’. LOL.”

Sleepless: “You just don’t get it, do you?”

Clueless: “Have some fun. Look, I am just trying to help you.”

Sleepless: “You did help me. Yes, you cured my self hatred. Now I hate you instead. You are too healthy too …”

Sleepless grabbed Clueless’ phone and smashed Clueless’ head with it until the phone was broken into pieces.

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