My Special Diet

I owe my little “fame” on this special diet to the ex-prime minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, who resigned last year due to health issues. Suddenly his illness, ulcerative colitis, was in the news, with a little paragraph describing his suffering and his battle to get better. Several of my friends, who had been skeptical of my strict diet for years, became suddenly convinced of the good job I had done and the necessity of my not eating the things people regularly eat. One or two even said to me that if I had been giving diet advice to Abe, he would probably be healthy enough to continue his grip on power. I knew this is just a compliment to me, but it made me feel so good about myself that I started to think it is a true statement. The power of media. For years, my friends had thought me of being fussy and fastidious and killjoy whenever we had a dinner party. They looked at me and thought I should be as normal as them diet-wise. However a lot of people, who look normal outside, suffer terribly inside–I’m a living proof of this.

Now I’ve become a well acknowledged expert on the special diet for ulcerative colitis among my friends and acquaintances, I feel that I want to write about how to deal with this illness which has plagued me for 15 years or so, and how I’ve controlled it. This is according to my own experiences, which can only be used as a reference, not a medical guide. Since everybody is different, this may not be suitable for you even if you are diagnosed with the same illness as me.

I have so much to talk about that one post is not enough. I am going to make it a series of posts, each taking a little bite of the problem. One thing I want to say is that if you control your diet strictly, you can live a normal life just like me. So don’t despair and be hopeful. Another thing is don’t completely rely on the prescription pills like Asacol, Colazal, or enema like Budesonide. My doctor, who is very sympathetic, told me that 50% of patients would develop cancer after ten years of normal life owing to these drugs. He said it when he is about to give me a big bunch of free samples and a new prescription. I told him that’s not good enough for me and I wanted better solutions. He suggested that I do my own research and find herbs and diets suitable for myself. I have been doing that ever since. Now I take no prescription drugs at all and my illness is under control after 15 years.

First, I will list all the things I don’t eat and all the things I eat. The elaboration will be in the second post that will come out next weekend.

Don’t eat oily food, nuts, seafood, pork, beef, egg yolk, cheese, packaged food with fat content higher than 5%, whole wheat, brown rice, sugar, citrus products, raw vegetable or fruit of any kind, rosemary flavored food of any kind, or any food with mustard or chilli, milk product of any kind, cabbage.

Eat only wheat, rice, sweet rice, pasta, beans, sweetener, egg white, peas, half a serving of well cooked vegetables for each meal, apple juice, cranberry juice, mango juice, strawberry juice, salt, pepper, cooked tomato, chicken, turkey.

I take one scoop (about 2 table spoon) of psyllium husk dissolved in 3.5 cup of water or more. If it is not properly dissolved, it can cause choking when passing through your bowel. I take visbiome (you can purchase it in Amazon here) twice a week supplemented by less expensive probiotic pills in between. I take three pills of berberine (a herb you can purchase in Amazon here) every day, but some people may experience side effect (since berberine is a little prickly), but I haven’t so far. I eat three small meals and three snacks in between meals. It’s actually 6 meals a day instead of 3 because controlling the amount of food for each meal is also very important.

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