Stories We Tell During A Snow Storm

They are stuck in the house, a snow storm raging outside. “Why don’t we tell our love stories. One each.” Pammy says, looking at her husband Pan, her friend Armei, and her friend Lu.

“I am not going to be part of your girl talk. Leave me alone. I will go watch my favorite show online.” Pan says.

“You have to tell one story before you go–even a short one will do.” Pammy says.

“You know all my stories and you can tell one for me.” He turns around and leaves the living room before Pammy can stop him.

Pammy tells her story, “When I was attending college in Penang, Malaysia, I met this guy Takakura who’s an exchange student from Japan. He didn’t want to do the exchange program but his mother forced him to. He was very lonely and had some difficulty with class material. So I helped him. He told me that his father was a Malaysian who studied in Japan and met his mother. However when he’s going home after graduation, his mother didn’t want to leave Japan. So they parted ways. Then his mother found she’s pregnant. Growing up is not too bad for him without a father since he is very intelligent and always ace the exams. Teachers adore him even if the society is not too friendly. The problem came in high school when he realized that no good Japanese girls want to date him because of his dubious birth. In college, his mother worked extra hours so that he could come to Malaysia for a semester, but he didn’t enjoy it. He’s not an adventurous boy and he missed home terribly. I thought when he’s gone, he would be gone forever, but that’s not the case. One year later, he came back during the winter break. I was a popular girl back then. Although I didn’t really love him passionately, it is flattering to have him come back to see me. I imagined the purpose of his visit was to see me of course. My parents invited him to stay with us and he came very happily. He stayed for two weeks and we had a good time hanging out. Then he left.”

“What kind of love story is that? He left. That’s it?” Lu says.

“I don’t think you really love him. So this one doesn’t count as a love story.” Armei says.

“I like him, but I don’t think I am in love with him. He is so proper and delicate and average looking. He’s not the sort of guy girls will go wild about. Still he hurt me by proposing to another girl after staying with us for two weeks.” Pammy says.

“Who did he propose to? Your friend, right? I know men like to do that sort of thing.” Armei says.

“He proposed to my younger sister. I didn’t know anything about it when he left for Japan. The whole thing exploded about several months later when I saw his text message to my sister. I felt so betrayed. I have no right to feel this way. I know, but still…”

“Pammy and Lu, I need a really good romantic story, as tragic as possible. This one doesn’t count.” Armei says.

“Well, tell us a good story, Armei.” Pammy says.

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