No Exercise

I’ve tried every possible way to make at home exercise more pleasant, or rather less painful, but to no avail. Now it’s the afternoon, I still haven’t exercised despite trying to get myself to do it the entire day. DVD, online videos, Fitness Marshall series, book reading while throwing limbs back and forth, making an exercise plan, imagining good food as rewards–I’ve attempted them all but with little results. My butt is glued to the chair, my eyes to the laptop screen, my mind on things other than the repetitive movements of muscles–as if I have muscles to talk about.

I wonder which is the better way, to trick the mind into thinking that moving is fun and exercising is exhilarating with energizing Latin or Hip Hop music, or to distract the mind from noticing that you are actually exercising by listening to some difficult passages that one wants to understand but haven’t been able to. I don’t know what’s the relationship between the brain and the limbs, except that I heard that there’s an observation that a human cannot concentrate on meditating something difficult when his body is moving. It sounds like the mind cannot engage in the mental task and the physical task at the same time. Well, we do, and we have to, but probably not when both tasks are intensive. Or there has to be a certain combination…

It’s so hard to be interested in exercising, in losing weight, in doing something just for its benefit.

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