To Call or Not to Call

To call or not to call,
it's a dilemma  
since the invention of telephone.
I want to call you, 
to hear you say you are OK,
not sick, not forgetting me, not attached.
Well, I am not too ambitious--
just not sick will be sufficient.
The call will be a surprise to you,
an embarrassment to me,
a misstep to be reflected again and again later on.
I will say it's because of the coronavirus.
Otherwise I would not have called.
I just want to know you are OK, 
nothing else intended.
Still I think it will make you
vain and conceited.
If I do not call,
I will live in quiet despair forever.
Just call him, get embarrassed or even humiliated.
Then it will be the end of it. 
Will it be the end?

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